Lasagne at Muriel’s

November 6, 2015


So it’s pretty cold right now and I don’t know about you but I’m constantly craving a home cooked meal, like literally all the time, so dinner at Muriel’s kitchen is like at the top of my list these days as I don’t really have loads of time to spend cooking at home #MillennialWhining. You can see the kitchen, everything is super fresh, the owners head to the market every morning to source the ingredients and this dictates whats on the menu that day, pretty awesome right? Literally a home cooked meal.



Muriel’s Kitchen
36 – 38 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TT

The wildcard.

November 20, 2014



Don’t freak out, I don’t always ride around on my pennyboard in Kurt Geiger Sharkie’s however, during fashion week, anything can happen 😀
I saw the board, I saw the shoes, I saw the soft carpet where I would land if I were to fall so I took a chance.  Granted, I didn’t exactly get far, as I can just about stand in heels, but Kris managed to capture the rare and kinda cool moment. What do you think? Should I be cruising around LFW in heels next season?


New Marvel HQ: The Bedroom & Bathroom

November 11, 2014

Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6114

You, my dear friends are looking at the new and updated bedroom in New Marvel HQ. It’s got a custom-made “Headboard Workshop” bed, Linen H&M Sheets and an oh so sweet chair. I kept things pretty neutral again, ensuring it was the perfect location for sleep and chilling to the maximum level. One of the main ways I achieved this look was by painting the room with Farrow and Ball’s Calluna. Sure there is a busy Ikat wallpapered wall but it’s behind the bed, so instead of being overpowering it’s a nice centre piece as you first enter the room. I also kept the furniture colours to greys, blues and white. Everything about the room is quite mellow and I found sticking to my chosen colours quite easy. At first, like me you might feel like its too matchy when initially picking items but by choosing items in a range of hues, you actually end up with a pretty sophisticated range of decorative items, hopefully leading to the emotion or feel you wanted to create for the room!

Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6135

Bed from The HeadBoard Workshop

Bed linen from H&M

Wallpaper from Graham Brown

Paint from Farrow and Ball

Chair from

Rug from Joss and Main

Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6171Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6127 Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6180


Here is the second of four parts to my awesome list of cool places to check out for interior inspiration and products to buy!


Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6200

Mirror from Crosswater

Taps from Crosswater

Shower curtain from H&M

Shower head from Crosswater

Hanging Baskets from IKEA

Shower Door from Crosswater

Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6208 Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6205 Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6214 Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6425 Kris Atomic New Mavel HQ -6448


Oh and this is a cool video of me at The Headboard Workshop’s HQ, when I was making my bed with their team!