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September 7, 2014

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Geneva, for me, is the kind of place, that no matter how many pictures or films you see that feature the city, you still won’t fully grasp how great of a place it is. The endless green areas, pops of history that are literally on the street & the countless amount of culture-filled opportunities they have. Perhaps whilst living in London, I’ve become complacent as I don’t really research all that my city actually offers.. anyway just being in Geneva for a few days, really showed me how great & inviting a city really can be.

When we arrived at the airport we grabbed a ticket and jumped on a short train ride to the city centre, from there we headed to Hotel N’vy to check in & drop our stuff; then we picked up our city transport card and were off. We had a tour of the city, seeing cool spots, like the Jet d’Eau, a fountain, that pumps around 500 litres of water a second.

**All transport for tourists is free btw, how convenient and awesome!**

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Towards the evening we headed to Parc des Eaux Vives. As we were told it might rain, we didn’t have the intended outdoor picnic, but honestly that did not put a damper on anything. In between dinner courses, Ashanti and I, were discussing how we envisioned Geneva to be, based the fact that we thought it would be identical to Genovia, (which we know if fictional) from the Princess Diaries, I digress, the food was great but honestly the location was pretty magical, what with the copious amounts of flowers, view of the lake & later on, sunset.

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The whole trip was based around us visiting the Open Cellar’s in the Genevan countryside, here’s a little outline/tips I have for the Open Cellars tour..

  • Buy a wine glass for five franc’s – Do Not loose it, as it’s essentially your ticket to get into everywhere, plus it’s what they serve your drinks in, obviously..
  • Wonder around the open wineries, tasting their selection, accompanied but great food & lovely people.
  • Get really into the community vibe, as the whole atmosphere is pretty friendly!
  • Personally I’d suggest having a car with a designated driver, so that you can really travel deeper into the countryside to see some of the more rural vineyards. Biking it looked fun, but once you’ve had a few glasses of wine, I question, just how fun it would be..
  • When it comes to food, try everything! It’s all SO good.
  • I’d go to around 4-5 ‘wine’ stops; at each one you can hang out, take in the view, meet new people and of course drink wine & eat. You want to fully appreciate the stop, so spend time there.
  • Always have a bottle of water, two reasons, you will end up drinking a lot of wine, but also the weather was quite hot in May, so keep hydrated folks!
  • Lastly take loads of pictures on your first 2 stops, after that, put the camera away & really get into the fun that is, Caves Ouvertes.

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As you know i’m trying to do as much filming as possible, so here is the one I shot with the help of Ashtanti..

oh & check out the Jet off to Geneva site, for info on a SUPER cool competition, where you could win your very own trip to Geneva, filled with fun things to do!

Places in the video

I stayed at the.. Hotel N’vy

We had dinner on the first night at.. Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives

We had dinner on the second night at .. Cottage Café, Rue Adhemar-Fabri

We had a buffet brunch in a cool Scandinavian decorated restaurant.. Les Halles de l’Ile

On the third day Ashanti & I visited the.. Jardin Botanique


Antler detail.

August 31, 2014

antler 8

I’ve got A LOT of pictures and not so much time, so here and there I’ll drop in a feature that literally only has pictures – don’t hate me, I just want to show you everything, besides we can’t all be Shini – coming up with witty commentary to accompany every subject out there, can we now..

Anyway, we were shooting a few months back and here are the shots! I originally wore my white SuperGa’s but Shini essentially through them to the curb and replaced them with these Leopard Kurt Geiger’s that look awesome, but were not so fun to walk in..

I digress, I wanted to show you guys this beige beauty a.k.a Leather bag from Antler. It’s my “throw everything in but still remain beautiful bag’! Antler are known for their luggage but they have a range of pretty cool hand bags & accessories, you can check the rest out here..

antler 7 antler 6 antler 5 antler 4 antler 3 antler 2 antler 1


In case you wanted to know..

Coat- Next

Skirt – ASOS

Top - GAP

Tights - Wolford

Bracelets – Astley Clarke & Monica Vinader

At Hillside Beach Club

August 4, 2014


I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling this year and I genuinely love capturing all that I get up to and showing you guys it all here on the blog, but over the last few months, it hasn’t been as straight forward as, travelling and then uploading a post. That being said, I am now going to make a conscious effort to show you all that I’ve been/get up to, so on that note, I’d like to introduce you to Hillside Beach Club!

I headed there in April with Shini and wasn’t really sure what to expect from Turkey. I literally had no impressions or opinions to go on, but with Hillside having adult only beaches, an app that you can use to order drinks from the ocean side and a serious array of spa treatments, one could say that we had a truly amazing time!

As most of my trips do, ours started with food. We grabbed lunch from one of the numerous restaurants/areas that food was available & later found out that you could literally eat 24/7 if you wanted to. Besides the three regular meals, there were a whole load of snacks in between meals including after dinner BBQs & 3am soup’n’bread rounds! The food didn’t stop which was kind of awesome!

Our itinerary included Yoga at dawn on the silent beach, a water sports session & treatments in the Sanda Nature Spa. Though we had an itinerary, filled with activity, I loved the free nature of Hillside, there were so many areas, where you could just relax. The freedom that came with such a big resort was quite amazing. Shini & I found ourselves working on one of the afternoons in one of the bars that was completely empty; the staff lit a fire for us and we just stayed there until dinner. You felt like anything truly could happen and that was kinda awesome.


Currently they are taking reservations for September & October, as August is now fully booked! Otherwise, they re-open around April next year and it’s a pretty perfect place to get pre-booked! One last thing; at Hillside you pay per person, per night – why? Because most things are included! All those amazing meals, yoga on the beach and more are all included in their daily rate. So eat as much or as little, do as many things or just lie around on the beach all day, you pay a fixed price. Simple, yet kinda awesome!

Hillside Beach Club
Kalemya Yolu PK 123, 48300 Fethiye, Turkey
+90 252 614 8360

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