Now we all know that Kipling create some super cool bags, but what we didnt know and what I wasn’t expecting from them was this.. basically we’re talking super awesome bags! The cool guys at Kipling asked a few bloggers to send a picture that had story behind it to be printed onto a bag. Now i’m not gonna lie, I was expecting a square print onto a regular canvas bag, but when this arrived, I was beyond impressed.
First thoughts? Can they do this all the time! I mean imagine if you could get one of your favourite pictures onto a great quality bag from Kipling, it’s literally a perfect combination, right? Well i’ve got some good news for you guys, you can be in with the chance to get your very own customised Kipling bag!

Yes! All you awesome folk have to do, is take a fun trip down to their facebook page  and submit the picture that you envision looking really cool on a bag along with the story behind it, as thats whats really counts! Then you pick the shape of the bag, so we’re talking classic backpack, hold-all etc and finally just get your good old friends to like your story/design on Facebook. Kipling’s looking for something memorable and awesome, so be creative.

On top of perhaps being one of the lucky 5 who could get their hands on a personalised bag, your picture would be beamed across the window displays in their London stores, which is just extra cool, if you ask me..

So what now? Head down to their page, scour your facebook pictures for the perfect picture that you feel holds a story, submit it and just wait to see if yours is a winner!

Oh and by the way  you’ve got until the 21st of December to enter, so get going!

Wanna know the story behind my bag? Well perhaps I’ll share it with you one day..perhaps thats not fair but hey let’s focus on getting you a cool personalised bag here, okay.