Let’s Do This! With Nike.

January 18, 2012

When you think of gym clothes & the perfect outfit, I’m pretty sure Nike is one of the ‘go-to’ you think of and with good reason!
So for all of my activities at the Gym, I’ll be decked out in Nike, courtesy of their awesome PRs.

For me, I was obviously looking for comfortable clothes but I wanted then in essentially ‘cool’ colours, as in muted, not overly bright, but at the same I didn’t want to look washed out and so Nike had crazy amounts of options for gear, which I suppose I wasn’t surprised by, but it was still very cool!

Heres where you can get the useful but pretty gear..




Training Shoe

Also did you catch Fat Fighters last night? If not, you can always watch it on 4oD, anytime! Now that Gymbox is officially my gym, it’s fun to see it on t.v every Tuesday – yes little stuff like that get’s me!


Oh and joke of the day..
Girl: Okay this is gonna sound like a silly question, so don’t judge me, but im curious, so..
Gym Reception (guy?: No problem, ask away..
Girl: Cool, so I was wondering, those protein shakes, do they taste at all like chicken?
GRG:  *pause & then laughs* Sure – that’s a good one!
Girl: …


The New “IT” bags by Whistles.

January 18, 2012

February! Yes, it’s going to be an exciting month, it’s all about fashion really, what with fashion weeks, a load of award ceremonies & the launch of Whistles first bag collection. Pretty cool, hey?

As you can see above, they’ll have a small W hanging from them, but besides that there isn’t any of the usual tacky & obvious labeling! – which I love! You want to tell people where your bag is from, or even have them guess, but what you don’t want is them reading it off the bag – just no.

The collection consists of a classic shopper, tote and a satchel, but they also have included a few useful pieces like iPhone cases, purses and card holders.

Fabrics used are silky matte effect leather & as for the colours, well they’ve gone for ‘seasonal colours’ of poppy, teal and mustard as well as classic tan and black. Perfect colour scheme, as far as I’m concerned – especially for their first collection, but as each season comes they’ll be introducing new colours & shapes which is even more exciting really..

The Whistle’s team said that this collection reflects their mainline in that it’s “Understated and chic”.
Okay so I said they’re available in most stores from February, but if you check out their site, you can see/buy them now!

Finally, prices? They’re market is already pretty high, I mean if you shop there you know you’re getting great quality but you’re definitely going to have to essentially ‘drop it like it’s hot’ – So prices range from £20 for things like the card holders, all the way to £295 for the Classic ‘Francoise’ tote bag, that is pictured above in all it’s colour options..
I think it’s a great venture for Whistles & I just look forward to seeing how they develop the collection!


Alright, Teen Vogue.

January 17, 2012

This is a quintessential Teen Vogue Editorial, it encapsulates everything I love about them. It’s fun, it’s SUPER cool, young, fashion forward – my gosh the list goes on. I don’t tend to feature magazine features unless they are the cover story, but there was just no question with this editorial.

Teen Vogue cannot do wrong in my eyes, easily my favourite magazine & somewhere I want to work for, yup it’s out there. I’m in love with Teen Vogue :)