Amber Le Bon for Vanessa G Campaign.

January 11, 2012

Okay If you get the location of this shoot right, you are pretty amazing – and observant, I suppose..

Vanessa G’s current campaign is strong, cool & fun and what with all the campaigns i’ve been looking at, i’m super happy to be finding more, just like this and not being bored.

Spring Summer campaigns are pretty awesome this season.

My favourite shot? you’ve probably guessed it, it’s the first image where Amber is posing by the tree but because of the angle of the camera, the tree not only looks bigger than it is, (though it’s probably huge), but it’s made it into an action shot and makes the clothes look super pretty & summer, actually let’s say jungle ready!

Oh & it was shot it Richmond Park, London – crazy, right?


At Home with H&M.

January 10, 2012

Some great images from their current home collection! That showcases, obvious pastel colours, but a few bold elements and navy motifs! It’s pretty awesome that H&M launched this home collection not so long ago, but it’s doing really well, I genuinely go into the store and shop for clothes & stuff for my home. I definitely wouldn’t have seen that happening, if you asked me a few years back..


ASOS anonymous.

January 9, 2012

You know when people say “It was a total accident” but you can tell it wasn’t? Well this is one of those situations, yes I feel the slight shame, but I went a little crazy on ASOS, but I couldn’t help it, ah I know, enough of the excuses, i’ll just show you 2 of the things I bought that will probably be part of my fashion week outfits..

The pink lace dress is SO far from what i’d usually wear that it’s verging on odd, but I thought I’ll at least see what it looks like, it could be fun!


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