Blair Waldorf

I’d want to wear this.. featuring Jason Wu.

January 2, 2012

..if I took up Flamenco dancing lessons at some cool, hip place in Soho and wanted to look the part.

..if it was the autumn term of school and I attended Constance Billard in New York, oh and if my best friend with Blair Waldorf. – you’d have to be a Gossip Girl fan to appreciate that..

..if it was a breezy cool day during New York Fashion Week & had a chauffeur driven car – as if I’d be able to fit anything into that bag!

..if I was in an episode of MadMen, where they had been transported to present day and had to find a way to fit in between the two strong fashion senses of each of the times.

..if I was going shoe shopping on/near Brook Street in London – first stop, French Sole.

..if I was going to meet the Queen for a spot of afternoon tea cool late summer’s day.

..if I was spending the afternoon furniture shopping at Lombok.