That Friday Feeling with Chanel

May 3, 2013

Friday is here and I was going to begin this ‘friday feeling’ with going into detail about how much you guys in London must be loving the weather but I’m sure you’ve been seeing/hearing weather comments everywhere you look, it’s literally second thing people comment on when talking to me, so lets not give that another thought? Yeah 😉

Whilst surfing the net, I came across the latest Chanel film project. Karl has made a film that can only be described as an awesome black and white spectacle. Featuring the likes of Keira Knightley and Lindsey Wixson, the preview has a pretty stunning portrayal of a town from a period of time where fashion was beyond cool. So you can definitely expect the rest of the film to continue showcasing fun hats and big dresses!

The full movie will go live on Chanel News on May 8th

Alright, well that’s all from me for now!

Happy Friday!


**Yes I am well aware of the irony of the fact that I started this post talking about the weather**


Nylon’s Anniversary!

March 26, 2012

So I never really thought that i’d ever see Freida Pinto on the cover of Nylon, especially not dressed like a ‘hipster’. Sure she looks pretty cool and like she just threw on the outfits effortlessly but it’s still a little random for me, probably because when I look at Freida I envision her in outfits like this & this. This slightly verging on hobo look totally rocks and is SO Nylon Magazine, it’s just too perfect for their anniversary issue .

The editorial does look really chilled and fun and it’s nice to see a different side to Freida, plus it’s fun seeing someone slightly unexpected on the cover of Nylon, not just the typical hollywood starlets – I like it!

Click the images, so you can read the feature!


See ya, Paris!

March 15, 2012

I bet you thought I was finished with the Parisian pictures, but alas there are more & there are more even after this post – I know, I know, it’s a lot but they’re all so pretty! This was the first time i’d gone abroad completely solo, so I wasn’t really sure how I was going to be, combine that with the fact that I was staying in an apartment and not a hotel and I did have my worries, but here I am! So it’s all good..

This was also my first time attending Paris Fashion Week! It was one of those things that’s on my ‘teenage bucket list’, so I can cross out ‘Attend Paris Fashion Week before I turn 20’ good times right?

Can I just say I love London Fashion Week! But Paris totally blew it out of the water, everything from communication to production to environment, Paris just made everything magical. It was almost like they took it to a new level, a level that fashion weeks should be at, as the norm. I’m looking forward to next season, so that I can compare both with New York..

I have to admit wondering the streets after shows and writing was something special, but I suppose I felt that way because i’m not a regular in Paris – nonetheless you can expect more trips to France!