Nike can do Pretty and Powerful.

August 4, 2012


Just when we thought Nike couldn’t  get any cooler with all their new technology and designs, they extend their partnership with Liberty and create elite performance shoes!

The floral Liberty print you see is called, ‘Mirabelle’; when you take a second to actually fully admire the shoe, you notice how simple and almost delicate the print looks which I find awesome, because the athletes wearing these shoes, are so full of power and strength, it’s going to be pretty cool seeing what they end up achieving whilst wearing such pretty shoes!

Keep an eye out for your favourite athletes who will be rocking them this summer but it doesn’t stop there, they are in stores today, so you can get your hands on these pretty and powerful trainers!

The Nike Zoom Victory Elite spike retails at £150 and is available also online!



Issey Miyake gets yummy with pleats, please.

August 3, 2012

For the 20th anniversary year of Pleats Please, clothing designed to suit a modern lifestyle, Issey Miyake have devised a genius concept of  showing us certain items that taste awesome and sartorialfying them (yes, I made that word up but what I mean is to give an inanimate object or thing the qualities of something sartorial – just go with it..); the end result? An array of  ‘delicious visuals’.

The whole idea behind Pleats Please, is quite cool and their new visuals literally blow me away!

The Concept.


Pleats Please is clothing designed to suit a modern lifestyle.


Simple Shapes; Diverse colors;

To be worn in layers or individually.

Clothing that can be fun or serious, sporty or elegant.

Play with the colors and the texture; Experiment combining different shapes.

Be monochromatic, tone-on-tone, or be daring and layer contrasting colors.

Pleats Please can also be worn to accent or compliment the rest of your wardrobe.


Pleats Please has no rules. It confirms to the whims of its wearer without losing its own identity.


Pleats Please can be dressy for evening or casual for work. Just as a modern woman must transform herself, often many times in one day for different occasions, so too can Pleats Please transform itself to suit her needs. The addition or deletion of an extra piece will transform the office look to dinner elegance, or an evening look to office simplicity.


Since each piece has a very simple and classic shape, Pleats Please never goes out of style. You can constantly add to your collection and build your wardrobe.


Pleats Please is suited to the needs of today’s woman.

It is very functional:

stores easily,

travels well,

requires no ironing.

Hand-wash with cold water and dry flat in a matter of hours.


We have always searched for different ways by which to wrap a three-dimensional form, such as the body, using two-dimensional materials, such as fabric. Pleating, since the days of the Egyptians, has always been used as a means of achieving this end. We have taken this process one step further into the future.


Each piece is first cut and sewn, and then pleated using an industrial technique (normally, fabric is pleated first and then cut and sewn into a piece of clothing). Our process allows both texture and form to be created at the same time in a manner that is unique to each garment.


Pleats Please, which is both practical and functional and expresses the individual wearer’s spirit and sensibility, is our key to the gateway of modern fashion.

The crazy creative team behind this project? Taku Satoh (Art Direction), Shingo Noma (Design) & Yasuaki Yoshinaga (Photography)


Free People have officially landed!

July 24, 2012


The super cool and laid back clothing brand Free People are officially here! Well sort of, their UK specific site will launch in October 2012, around the same time their collection will be dropping into a few leading department stores and fashion boutiques.

I went to a preview to see what they’ve got coming into stores over the next few months or so & it’s typical pretty but chilled Free People.
For the run up to the autumnal launch, you can still buy their clothes from the site but for all of you super fans, you’ll be happy to know that shipping has drastically been decreased from $35 now $7.95!

By the way, don’t you just love their lookbook video featuring Aline Weber & Karlie Kloss – it’s just so fun & cool!