It Bag: The colours of Falke.

May 22, 2012

The bag for this installment of ‘It Bag‘ is actually a purse, but hey it’s all good! When I came across the cuteness of this Lulu Guinness purse, I knew it was a keeper. I’ve always been a fan of when certain images or situations are mimicked through applique or general stitching, this Lulu piece, is one of many fun accessories that feature this, so be sure to click to see all of them!

Now the Falke socks are the perfect spring summer companion when it comes to keeping things super fun whilst wearing all different types of shoes; they come in an array of pastel colours and are super soft, so they’re the perfect go to socks of the season!

Lulu Guinness Purse

Falke Cotton Touch Socks


Karl on the run.

March 6, 2012

‘I have been dreaming of mass elitism for a long time. I think it was almost my duty to make it possible under my name. This is the road of modernity.’

Well there you have it – that’s why Karl decided to launch a new more accessible range. Have you seen it? I have to admit the prices are more affordable than I had envisioned, but thoughts on the actual designs? There are some majorly cool pieces like this and some pretty awesome collars (those aren’t so cheap) but in it’s entirety i’m not like falling out of my chair to buy anything – HOWEVER, that’s totally a personal thing – I can see loads of people rocking clothes from this collection and looking pretty great, so check it out & make your mind up.

www.karl.com OR Net-A-Porter