Heston Blumenthal

British Airways Flight 2012: The Experience

April 12, 2012

What with the Olympics being round the corner, the official airline Sponsors British Airways have created a great pop-up location in Shoreditch, which celebrates 3 differnet industries and finds a way to incorporate the olympic excitement into their outcomes. The collaborations included work with food, art & film creative types! Each post is coming this week, so stay tuned on more of what each category got up to!

In the meantime you should definitely check it out, as the last day of this pop up location is the 18th of April, so you’ve still got some time, to check out the movie, the art work & even sample some of the michelin star chef, curated menu!

Here is where we were served our food! Yes, decked out with airplane like aisles and decor, present were windows with a great view of the sky, which was a little dangerous as we totally loss track of the outside world whilst at dinner. For now the sit down meal tickets have sold out, but you never know, tickets might open up, so stay updated here..