October 20, 2014

A little while back, I was invited to a dinner at the Le Meridian hotel on Piccadilly to celebrate the #UnlockArt film series they created alongside the Tate, check out the video for more on the event!

Oh and to see the full videos from the art series, click here!

The Hotel Pont Royal!

February 5, 2014


This February/March, i’ll be heading to Paris for fashion week as per usual and i’m sure a few of you will probably head there too in the near future, so I thought i’d let you guys know about a cute little hotel I stayed in a few months back called Hotel Pont Royal, it had a really nice, dark edge to it, lots of literary themes and elements were present, they also had an impressive book selection, so it was definitely my kind of hotel. Being located just off of Boulevard Saint Germain meant I was in the middle of a pretty busy part of the city which is always great, especially as I was just a stone throw away from one of my favourite bakery’s Smith’s, whose Mille Feuille is unreal!














Rooms start at around €250 per night but you can find a range of offers and such on their site!

Hotel Pont Royal
Saint Germain des Prés
5-7 rue de Montalembert, 75007 PARIS
Tel. 33 (0)1 42 84 70 00


Wild at heart

November 28, 2013

You’ve honestly gotta love Wildfox – they’re fun, cool & girly! So when they invited me to their afternoon of girly fun the form of chilling surrounded by their cool items in a hotel suite, I was like duh, i’m so there. Here’s what happened in a pretty & visual nutshell..

_RTO6085 (1)_RTO6075 (1)_RTO6065 (1)

Lipstick on the mirror, that’s right it got wild 😉

_RTO6106 (1) _RTO6122 (1)

Clothes literally hanging from every surface.. had to happen!

_RTO6078 (1)_RTO6135 (1)

Seriously – when is it going to snow? ..i’m not joking.

_RTO6143 (1)

So there were clothes, there was a bed. It’s only natural that Danielle and I put some of the clothes on and lie on top of the rest..

_RTO6059 (1) _RTO6098 (1)_RTO6191 (1)

So here’s when things got a little interesting – impromptu photo-shoot in the bath. yes it was my idea, yes I seem to be obsessed with pictures in baths exhibit a and exhibit b – but whatever, I’m rocking Wildfox, hanging with some of my favourite bloggers, eating love hearts out of tea cup.
Literally the epitome of a standard afternoon.

_RTO6188 (1) _RTO6164 (1)

not sure what to say about these glasses – i mean they probably work in a certain situation.. not so much this one.

_RTO6230 (1)

Daniela knows what’s up!

_RTO6198 (1) _RTO6194 (1)

Check out the Wildfox site, Harrods & Selfridges as most of what you’ve seen in this post is available to buy now!


Thanks Danielle for the pictures of me!