Nikita Jacket

Swiss Alp Times.

January 12, 2012

For the past couple of days, I’ve been chilling in the Swiss Alps, quite literally. It’s so cool  here and I can’t get over the mountains, they are just insane.
So I thought I’d show you some items I love and would recommend you to invest in, if you’re planning on coming here soon! Or anywhere that’s snowing, cold & cool!

Nikita Jacket from Surfdome
Hat by Chinti & Parker (who currently have an AMAZING sale on, just so you know..)
Gloves by Volcom

Ah this jumper is just so comfy! It’s perfect for Switzerland but I wear it all the time whilst in London, it’s just a great jumper. I have to be honest, it looks WAY better in real life than it does on the above..
Volcom’s clothes just keep getting cooler! 

Also here are some images from my trip taken with my trusty HTC..

I’m on my way back to London as you’re reading this, even more fun times ahead!
Oh and yes, that was a giant food 🙂