Rudyard Kipling

A litte more about Kipling..

February 23, 2012

So Kipling celebrated their 25th birthday with a pretty big party, whilst there I caught up with Isabelle, Kipling’s Marketing Director. Here’s what I found out..

Isabelle’s based in Antwerp & she makes sure everything goes smoothly when it comes to things regarding Kipling’s image. In her five years of being at Kipling she has worked directly with the designers and puts together everything from the catalogues, to the website to the window displays.

Favourite Kipling bag? The classic backpack – she loves it because of its versatility & practicality

How do the designer collaborations happen? She quite simply calls them, she said laughing. Most popular one was with Peter Pilotto, no surprise there!

When talking about her trips to London she mentioned that every time she comes to London she sees someone with a Kipling back, which i totally found realistic, as I do see them everywhere.

Future Collaborations?? Well this year they’ll be focusing on celebrating their 25 years, so they’ll be bringing out a bag that costs €£25 which im pretty excited to see/hear more of.

 Finally, her thought on Kipling  bags as a whole… They’re practical, very light, fun, playful and they complete outfits.

So there you have it, expect a lot of partying, some fu & good times from Kipling this year!