Ashish AW12

February 28, 2012

He shut it down.

Here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, right?
Ashish’s AW12 collection, so if you haven’t already caught it on someone else blog or site or even my facebook page, do take some time to delight in the sequin wonder! I won’t say too much about the collection as I had a cool interview with Ashish that i’ll be posting VERY soon, so just look at the cool pictures, there’s quite a few..


Michael Van Der Ham AW12

February 23, 2012

What a magical & great show. Of course I loved all the combinations of patterns and elements of silk scarfs being used on the skirts, but the moment the last three models walked out in pieces covered in sequins but with the freshest of palettes, I literally almost dropped my camera, from being hypnotized by the a) shininess & the b) endless possibilities of where I could be wearing these dresses..
Michael Van Der Ham’s show was probably one of his best to date, fun times.


Winter Essentials ..that I’m keeping

January 4, 2011

I have been lucky enough to either receive some great winter essentials, or to have just stumbled across some awesome bargains. Now that it’s the new year my mind automatically goes, it’s spring, but of course I’m so wrong.

So to help keep me, above all things, warm, I shall be continue to use some of my winter essentials..

BERTIE ankle boots.

These were gifted to me by the cool brand and I hardly ever take them off (friends & family can vouch for me!)

NOA NOA scarf

During my visit to the Press Day’s at the Savoy Hotel, I saw the new Noa Noa collection and it was all so lovely. The colours really evoked a calm and particular image in my mind of their customer, it was pretty perfect, so when they gifted me with a scarf I was pretty darn happy and this scarf might have been worn a little too much this winter, but it was amazing.

NW3 by HOBBS scarf

I remember the day I received this scarf, it was just after the Mou bloggers breakfast, I went to the Hobbs press day and I fell in love with all these great 60s inspired pieces, and just as I was about to leave, the lovely girls at exposure gave me a bag filled with all the images of the collection, which I couldn’t wait to later inspect (..admire) once again, but also in the bag was this super soft scarf!
Due to me currently experimenting with my camera’s features it looks a lot darker than it actually is, nonetheless it’s a comfy scarf that i’ve started use quite a bit.

VINTAGE red coat.

One word. Dependable. This coat has been a trusty option for just over a year now, but I only recently started to use it as the go-to coat. It’s bold, warm and it has shoulder pads, that I just can’t resist, it’s going to be my main coat at least for another 2 months

TOPSHOP satchel bag

Simple, it holds everything and looks nice. Like I said, simple.

ASOS ribbed Multi Knit socks.

I love the colour and it reminds me of the cool prada jumper in this picture, though I saw the picture way after I bought the socks, I love that they are so similar.
They are so soft and look pretty awesome with my Bertie Boots (way above).

The other day I bought quite a few pairs of tights & socks as I love the colour, or texture (& extra warmth) all from ASOS, as they seemed to have some great options and some really cool prices.
ASOS has really been the go-to place for a lot of things I have needed & wanted..

The socks I bought are selling out fast, so i’d buy some like right now, if you like any 🙂

Just to end, I know different people have ways of saying goodbye & i know I shouldn’t dwell on it too much, but I can’t help it, a simple “x”

doesn’t always do it justice, but then the amount of people who say “bisous” is well A LOT so I may follow in on of my favourite bloggers Jazzi’s footsteps by handwriting it, – she has her signature, but I may just hand write a range of things.. so there’s something to look forward to, but for now…