The Cloudy side of Narciso Rodriguez

April 4, 2012

The new fragrance i’m beyond in love with both because of it’s incredibly chic and simple bottle and strong aroma that lingers so well, you won’t have to re-spray, to be able smell it personally (which is a big deal for me!) is Narciso Rodriquez limited edition eau de toilette délicate.

 The sheer almost violet bottle is glazed with a slightly darker shade of purple. Outer packaging: another sheer veil of deep purple dissolves into pink, which I really do admire just because it manages to make the perfume look milky which is pretty cool, but it also is just something so different, to the perfumes I usually feature and buy!

This is a fragrance I feel you just have to have in your collection, even if it’s just to look at, but just to own something so chic and cool, I see no fault in the new Narciso Rodriquez.

So to buy the new fragrance, i’d check out The Perfume Shop, but i’m sure most places will have it.