Volcom & The Posso girls.

March 12, 2012

We are just in March and I have met some of the coolest people this year. I feel beyond happy to be in the presence of just plain old fun people who are genuinely creative. The Posso girls (a beyond cool Californian DJ duo), are the definition of cool. Getting to spend time with Marylouise & Vanessa last week was pretty cool, talking about the collection, their love for australian house music & thoughts on me visiting Hawaii, as I really want to chill at a Tiki bar.
So what’s their collection with Volcom all about? Well it’s about looking great obviously, but having these transitional and comfortable pieces that you can take anywhere! They designed it for girls like them, who travel a lot & want clothes that are perfect for the different environments.

I asked them, why is everything predominantly black? They simply said, it’s a colour we love and that looks great on pretty much everyone. I suppose it’s this idea of them wanting every Volcom girl, to be able to throw one of their pieces on, without even thinking, in turn making their outfit always pretty awesome.

So how would they describe their personal style? Through the Bob Dylan song It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue where he says ‘The vagabond who’s rapping at your door, Is standing in the clothes that you once wore’

As I was leaving they said I should check out their sound cloud, so here’s one of their coolest tracks – be sure to download it & all their collection can be found in the Volcom Stores & online via their US Store, retailers (Surfdome etc)