Venice Part 7: The Charming House.

July 18, 2011

What made my visit in Venice, that much more special was the hotel I stayed in, The Charming House DD724. A lovely Boutique hotel that is filled with some the best contemporary art and that has a library that is filled with an array of design, art and interior books.
With just a handful of bedrooms (7), they give each one a different character – though they all boast the same spacious and calm atmosphere which I found to be the only problem, as i didn’t want to leave my bedroom – or the hotel for that fact.

In addition to the bedroom, they had a lounge where I found to be another great place to relax on the pony-skin feel sofas whilst getting a start on reading all those books they had!

For more details & bookings visit

Dorsoduro, 724
30123 Venice – Italy
tel.: +39.0412770262

Venice: Part 1

June 30, 2011

As you may already know, Venice is one of the best places in the world to take photo’s and so whilst there I felt compelled to stop every 2 minutes to capture everything that I saw. Decrepit building, typical Italian homes, you name it I shot it.
So what was Venice like, honestly? Perhaps my expectations were just a little bit too high.
I quite literally walked through the whole of Venice on my first day – which took me by surprise! You don’t need transport if you a) Have nowhere in particular to go or b) if there are bridges near by..

Venice is one of those lovely places that you go to for a couple of days, admire the view, wish you could live there (..though you would never) and eat loads of pasta – then leave.
In my case, I spent just over a week there and I am afraid to say I got ..bored :O
Shocker – I know
I tried to stay away from my emails and such as much as possible, checking them only once a day. So with work essentially out of the picture, it was up to the magic of Venice to capture my interest. The first couple of days, it proved successful, but after getting lost countless times, encountering a load of mean bus drivers and trying to endure the endless heat. I gave up. Not in a ‘Get me outta here kinda way’ but in a ‘que sera sera’ way. I left it all to Venice, I no longer acted like a tourist and chilled like I knew where I was going and what I was doing (..which I obviously didn’t) and it worked.
I waved a sweet goodbye to my multiple maps and started to understand what Venice is really about.
It’s a lovely little place, where you can really find out about some great parts of the History of Italy as well as getting some bad ass pasta, but it’s not a place to wander around with a map, trying to find the closest landmark. If you go there being influenced by a typical Venetian Tourist Guide, you might not have as much fun as you would want.
Want my advice or ‘Mini Tourist Guide’, well here it is.. post coming soon.

**There is a reason I don’t edit pictures and it’s because I essentially suck at it, as you can see from above – but i assure you I intend on them looking quite like this, alas they are still presentable.**

Venice: The Spaghetti Diaries.

June 28, 2011

Alle Zattiere.
Fondamenta delle Zattere Dorsoduro 791/a – 30123
A cute riverside view restaurant that has an immense amount of seafood – so if that’s your cup of tea I advise a visit. The prices aren’t overly expensive but there are cheaper places to dine. The food was nice and simple.
Only major downside, though it’s inevitable – the pigeons. They were everywhere.

Osteria de Toni.
Sorry, this was a random eat, I cannot remember where it was, but it was almost the best Spaghetti i’ve ever had (my mum’s still wins..) & they don’t charge service charge 🙂

..A typical Venetian Restaurant.
Salizada San Polo, 30125 (next to the church)
I kid you not, this was the name. It was a lovely, cheap eat and for a plate of Spaghetti, it’ll only set you back €6

In case you didn’t notice, I MUST add black pepper and Parmesan whenever I eat Spaghetti, I tried it without – it just wasn’t the same.
Anyway, here is the first food post from my trip to Venice. I’ll be sure to keep them coming!