Right, so believe it or not, I’ve always wanted to be a ‘proper’ intern, doing all those lame, menial tasks just because I felt like I’d missed so many steps and that I needed to be an 18-year-old for a little while, so when I got this opportunity, I was really excited! – maybe not for the reasons you would expect, but nonetheless I had excitement manifesting from within.
Two weeks down the line, I can honestly say that I still haven’t experienced the typical intern life of grabbing coffee, but also I don’t want to.
I currently get treated like I’m one of the team; I do serious work that actually gets used, which really shocked me at first but now I just feel like I have to perform to a high standard everyday, which is not a bad thing to feel.

Like I told you this is not a diary, this is some random facts, fun times & food moments that I thought i’ share with all you cool people out there..
oh and by the way if you see the abbreviation DWP, for all of you who may not know, it stands for Devil Wears Prada – movie.

TOP marvel TIPS.

*Expand you’re horizon into things you wouldn’t usually be interested in (for me it was Create Britain supplement in the May issue of GQ) they will pleasantly surprise you AND you may just end up finding out you like something new.
Continuing from this, do check it out as it features a lot of cool talent from Britain’s creative industries – plus Prince Harry is on the cover 🙂

* If they offer you a cupcake, (and you’re not immensely busy or like my friend Daniella, can’t eat it!) say yes, then make yourself some tea, & of course ask if anyone else wants, I found out that this kinda shows that you’re comfortable with everything and it can lead to not only more cupcakes, but more conversation! ..which leads to:

..Make conversation, become part of the team, be memorable.

*memorize or save office numbers, so in case of an emergency (lateness & such) they are in the know.

If you’re lucky enough to get a desk, keep it tidy, but I’d personalize it. Do i mean get a picture of your cat and stick it on the walls no! haha
But perhaps bringing your best stationary and rocking it! Or arranging the magazines in a cool way.

Your ‘not so obvious’ new best friends?

The mail/admin guy – They know loads! If you get lost they’ll help you find your way (as I discovered on my first day). Be nice, cause if you need something they are probably the ones to help.

Main Desk guys – Say hello every morning! Not only are they a valuable member of the team, they are the ones who help with the little things that can make big impacts.

Notebook – This part is totally DWP-esque. You will be told to do loads of tasks at once, and asking them to repeat is embarrassing, as they don’t have the time.
So whenever you’re called grab that notebook & pen!


Some secrets.. if you can really call them that!

– The fridge is filled with this stuff (which I happen to love!)

– It’s mostly true! Fashion people do watch what they eat, you’re not gonna catch them scoffing down fried chicken.
In the Vogue house you will find a little sophisticated cafe, where they make the best sandwiches, salads ..you get the picture.

– The item that we may refer to as ‘The Book’ (thanks to the DWP) has a much less glamorous name, it’s refereed to as ‘The Dummy


When I’m not at the Vogue House..

I’ve just been running around to press days & lovely lunches! Right now, my life feels so surreal, it’s so hard to comprehend that this is what I’m doing right now.

In other words, eating. Everywhere from Organic Deil’s to Dodgy Chinese’, to Leon to Press Days.
You name it, I ate there 🙂

At the end of the day, I never want to leave, when they say ‘Abi, you must go!’ I’m always reply, okay, but then don’t leave for like another 20 minutes – AT LEAST.
I probably look like I don’t have anywhere else to go..

Please ignore the random inclusion of some pictures in this post, I just thought some random visual aid’s would be nice.

Sorry this post took so long & I bet you’re not nearly as entertained as you thought you would be, (my bad) but here we are, I’ll try to make the second installation slightly more entertaining.
Perhaps a run down of my top embarrassing moments – so far, I’ve had 4.
Hopefully the next post will go live at the end of this week.


Moving on.. I’m love getting home and it’ll be 8pm but still slightly light!

Oh I totally forgot! Here are some of the top items I’ve been wearing over the past two weeks.
All from ASOS.

This laptop case turned new everyday accessory is one of my favourite buys from ASOS. I bought it a while ago and since then everywhere I go, people love it! & are shocked to find out that..

1.It’s a laptop case
2. It’s £20
3. It’s not designer and is from ASOS.