What is The Apartment?

What is The Apartment?

So The Apartment has a few sections to it but right now you probably know us due to our London Fashion Week activity. Don’t be confused though, we are working on a lot of exciting projects that span over quite a few industries, so for now sit back and watch or jump on board and be a part of something fun.

I still don’t get what The Apartment is?

Fair enough, in simple words its all the random projects I work on all under one name. So you’ll see the events side of things, the consulting, the social media and SO much more.

I think I get it now, so what are you doing right now?

Right we’re building on the event/social media side of things that includes projects that happen throughout the year and at a variety of cool locations; some of our events will be more regular than others, for example the London Fashion Week Apartment which is a seasonal event, but the idea is have fun, chill and bring people and brands together that wouldn’t usually work together to produce awesome content and fun times.

Who is behind The Apartment?

Well that would be me, Abisola. I also a few awesome friends that help out and my super cool assistant.

Anymore questions? Email us at hello@theaptmt.com

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